Best Places to Find Cash & Treasures

Do you love the idea of striking it rich, but don’t know where to look? Host Becky Worley takes viewers on an exciting, fun-filled journey to uncover lost relics, buried jewels, and other valuable fortunes. Although, Becky has found something of value in every location she has visited, some of her more notable finds have been appraised for between $5,200 and $129,000. Not only does she unearth one-of-a-kind treasures and collectibles, Becky also learns techniques and tips from experienced, local experts to share with the audience. Her adventures appeal to the speculator in every viewer, demonstrating the how’s and where’s to find their own opportunities.

GenreTravel & Adventure
RightsAll rights available worldwide (outside the US) in perpetuity; no holdbacks or waivers
Premiere AirDate 12/2006
# Of Episodes 16
Commercial Length30
Episodes List
Computer terminal IconSunstones, Ep. 1
Computer terminal IconMegladon Teeth, Ep. 2
Computer terminal IconMeteorites, Ep. 3
Computer terminal IconTruffles, Ep. 4
Computer terminal IconGold, Ep. 5
Computer terminal IconCivil War, Ep. 6
Computer terminal IconAquamarine, Ep. 7
Computer terminal IconThunder Eggs, Ep. 8
Computer terminal IconSapphires, Ep. 9
Computer terminal IconSunken Treasure, Ep. 10
Computer terminal IconDiamonds, Ep. 11
Computer terminal IconFish Fossils, Ep. 12
Computer terminal IconFlourescent Minerals, Ep. 13
Computer terminal IconAmethyst, Ep. 14
Computer terminal IconAntique Bottles, Ep. 15
Computer terminal IconOpals, Ep. 16

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