Ep. 6,Triumph Over Adversity (Animal Cops Houston - Series 11 )

When Investigator Stephan Goldman receives a call about a dog stuck in a fenc,e he has no idea what he's about to discover - a dog, broken free by neighbours, is so starved he's unable to walk. Only moments from death, the dog named Triumph is raced to the Houston SPCA shelter and placed in the hands of Dr. Roberta Westbrook. Chief Investigator Charles Jantzen leads his team in a dangerous mission. Police have discovered a farm with over 60 roosters bred to fight. It's up to Jantzen and his team to remove them from the property and seek help in court to get the cruel breeding facility stopped. And staff at the Houston SPCA face a difficult decision when Investigator Dana Almengor rescues a starving mare and her foal.

GenreAnimals & Nature, Crime & Investigation
RightsAll rights available worldwide in perpetuity.
Premiere AirDate 06/2008
Commercial Length60

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